In this section I will publish different tips and manuals, on the different versions of Windows operating system, both XP, Vista, 7, android, windows 10

How to repair Windows Update quickly and easily

Windows Update is the tool used by Windows systems to be updated, something very important, because through these updates are solved security holes, optimize parts of the system and install some important packages for the correct operation of the system and other Programs.

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How to Repair Damaged Windows Files

After a virus infection, a problematic update, an unexpected computer shutdown due to a power outage or the installation of a program that is not compatible with our version of Windows, it is very common for our system to be unstable or show errors related to the system Operating.

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How to disable or delete OneDrive in Windows 10

The new Windows operating system has already come out, called Windows 10, if 10, there is no 9, we went directly from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I guess because Microsoft thought it was a good marketing strategy to call it that … although what Really surprised me is that …

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How to remove browser toolbars

As you all know, in recent years has become much popular, that programmers add to their programs the option of installing a search bar also called Toolbar in the internet browser.But these search bars as well known as unnecessary, since each browser already has its own, obstruct the correct operation …

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Free programs to burn CDs and DVDs in Windows

One of the programs that are usually needed in a personal computer, is a good DVD and CD burning software, since these media although they have lost fame in favor of the pen drives, are still very useful to record videos, music, programs Or other type of information that we …

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