How to Repair Damaged Windows Files

After a virus infection, a problematic update, an unexpected computer shutdown due to a power outage or the installation of a program that is not compatible with our version of Windows, it is very common for our system to be unstable or show errors related to the system Operating.

It is in these cases when many people (including some computer technician) decanta directly by formatting the computer, extreme measure and that normally should always be the last possibility to take into account, since normally we can easily repair it using some other method .

That’s why I’ve written this article, to show you some of these simple ways to repair the system, without having to break the head, or get to format the computer with all the work that entails, make backups, format, return To install the system and all the programs, to re-copy the data …. These tips I explain below:

Tips for repairing corrupted system files in Windows:

Sfc / scannow: This simple MS-DOS command, performs a scanner on the system looking for damaged files, and repairs or replaces them with an original copy, so it is possible that sometimes you ask for the installation disk, Personally he has never asked me.

In order to use this command or command, we only have to go to Start >> run or search bar and type CMD, once we see the CMD symbol or command prompt, we have to right-click on it and In the drop-down box that opens to select the option to run as administrator, after which will open a black window where we have to enter the order and press the Enter key.

Dism: If the previous command did not work, there is another similar that it does is try to repair the damaged files, replacing them with other original ones that download Windows Update, however this order, are actually 2 orders that must be executed Behind the other, both have to be executed at the command prompt (CMD) as administrator, the commands are as follows:

1º Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth
2º Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

System Restore: This is an option, which we can find in Home >> search bar and we seek to restore system (in Windows 10 the option is called recovery), and restore our computer to a day in which said problem was not, such restoration It is best to perform it the nearest day that we have or had said error.

CHKDSK C: / F / R: This command prompt is only valid when the problem is on the hard disk, and what it does is look for damaged sectors of the hard disk and try to repair the system files that are in They found, showing us at the end a report on the corrected problems.

If we can repair the system with this order, it is most likely that our hard drive is in poor condition, so I recommend once you have repaired the problem, make a backup of the data, and test the disk with some Program, and in case it is in bad condition to change the hard drive for a new one.

Anyway, I hope my advice has been helpful, if so, I would appreciate if you told me your opinion with a comment and that you share a link in social networks …. Well, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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