Linux – Android

In this section I will publish different tips and manuals, on the different versions of the operating system Linux, Android, Debian, kubuntu, suse….

Uninstall or disable pre-installed apps on Android

Nowadays, every time we buy a new phone, this usually comes with a lot of factory installed applications that we do not care about, these applications also called programs or APP, manufacturers usually install them not to improve the user experience or because Are necessary, but because they have economic …

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How to add background image to Linux Grub 2

One of the things I least like doing a dual installation of Linux with Windows, is that in most Linux, the Grub or boot loader that is installed is horrible, especially in the Ubuntu family that is black and white and It does not include any default background image, as …

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Free Email Managers for Android

It has been a long time since email or email became fashionable, thanks to its speed and simplicity when communicating with any person or company, which made it quickly become a tool that was not only fashionable, but Which became absolutely necessary in the life of any person.

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Free Email Managers for Linux

E-mail has become popular for many years as a means of communication to the detriment of normal mail, e-mail is therefore one of the oldest and most important services of the internet, since it allows us to contact with any person or company in a way Completely automatic and for …

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Video and audio codec packs for Linux

Those who use Linux, it is very likely that many times, when you try to play some video, audio file, DVD … the player has not been able to play it, this is due to the fact that the operating systems in general are based on a program called codec …

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