Free Email Managers for Android

It has been a long time since email or email became fashionable, thanks to its speed and simplicity when communicating with any person or company, which made it quickly become a tool that was not only fashionable, but Which became absolutely necessary in the life of any person.

The problem comes when, between one thing and another, we are forced to use different e-mail accounts between work, classes, friends … which forces us to review a multitude of accounts every day, which becomes a process Boring and that often causes that we pass some account and with it we do not read some important email.

To solve this problem, we have programs called mail managers, which allow us to manage different mail accounts in a centralized way, so that every time we open the program, automatically download all new emails in an automatic way, Which saves us a lot of time and also prevents us from passing some email.

It is true that Android has its own mail manager, said dog manager is very outdated, does not correctly display a multitude of emails and also can not even add all kinds of accounts, because being so outdated, does not automatically recognize accounts such as Outlook, so I decided to show you a few free alternatives to the Android default manager, I hope you are of help.

Free Email Managers for Android:

Gmail: It is the first and most important of all, since it is integrated into all mobile phones and is a fantastic mail manager, and not only allows you to add different Gmail accounts, but making use of your Exchange accounts option we can also add accounts Other mail companies like Outlook.

Outlook: For me one of the best mail managers for Android, as you imagine this manager is from Microsoft and also free, so it has a great support thanks to having a company with so many resources behind.

BlueMail: It is another free mail manager compatible with all type of mail provider, application that has reached more than one million downloads in the Google Play Store, with very good comments.

Aqua Mail: Another great mail manager for Android is not very well known but Aqua Mail is undoubtedly a great mail manager, which allows you to manage any email account and is also free.

K-9 Mail: A good mail manager, that if you look good you will see that both his name and image, in which belongs to the dog of Doctor Who, the famous English series that has been marveling us with its history for 50 years, But do not be fooled by this nonsense, is a very serious and very effective manager.

Anyway, I hope you liked this article and it has helped you, if you had knowledge of another application of the same characteristics that you have used, do not hesitate to share it with us, thank you for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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