How to disable or delete OneDrive in Windows 10

The new Windows operating system has already come out, called Windows 10, if 10, there is no 9, we went directly from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I guess because Microsoft thought it was a good marketing strategy to call it that … although what Really surprised me is that they launch a new operating system, when two days ago released Windows 8, but with what little taste, the truth is that it is not so rare.

This version of Windows, quite recovered the essence of what was Windows 7, something that is appreciated, especially the recovery of the start button and its menu, which although a bit ugly is quite configurable, and of course its efficiency, I can say that No doubt Windows 10 works much faster than Windows 7 or 8, while consuming less RAM, something to be thankful because it has always been one of its weaknesses.

But not everything is good things or changes to the best, since the other day when I finally decided to upgrade to the new operating system Windows 10, to my surprise I realized that when I finished saw how I automatically installed the program OneDrive, which Is Microsoft’s cloud storage system, much like DropBox or Google Drive, which does not seem right because it is not the system I use to store files in the cloud and Microsoft should not install me things I do not want to install .

But the thing does not end there, but also if you are going to uninstall it said program does not appear …. Difficult so that those who do not want to use it remove it from the system, that is, it is a way to force you if or to use it, so I started looking for how to remove OneDrive from my computer, so that it does not start when I turn on my computer And so does not slow down or start the system or consuming resources unnecessarily.

Fortunately after a while investigating on my own, I found as a solution, which happens to disable the program, so it will not be uninstalled but at least it will not start with Windows, therefore with slowing the start, nor will it consume RAM, I will share with you then, so that you can deactivate said program if you want it in your team.

How to disable or remove OneDrive from Windows 10 startup:

We go to the lower right corner of our desktop, and on the icon of OneDrive we click with the right mouse button and on the window that unfolds we click on configuration, after which will open the next window.

Once in the previous window, we unmark the two options that are marked and restart the computer, after which if we go back to that corner we will see that OneDrive no longer starts on our computer, the icon will be gone, and the program will already It will not be slowing or consuming unnecessary resources in our pc.

Finally, as you have been able to observe deactivating OneDrive is quite simple, I hope you have helped, if you liked or served the article, do not hesitate to write a comment or share a link of the article by social networks, which I will reply as soon as I read it thanks For your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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